Friday, March 29, 2013

RME Sessions @ AIR Studios

AIR Studios London - RME Sessions with Lauten Audio

The RME Sessions rewards one lucky unsigned band with a day of studio time at AIR Studios in London along with producer Tony Newton to record a song. This past November, Nick and the Sun Machine came to the studio and recorded their song "Mountain".

Lauten Audio microphones were selected to be used on a majority of the sources that day.

On Lead Vocals was a Lauten Atlantis FC-387, after auditioning the different voicing options they settled on the Neutral setting.

To capture the Acoustic Guitar, the Horizon was chosen. A pair of Horizons were also used as drum overheads.

Check out the Atlantis listening over the drummer's shoulder.

Watch the video for "Mountain"

A behind the scenes look the both the recording and contest:

For more pictures from the RME Sessions at AIR Studios click here.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lauten Audio Atlantis Comparison Video

It's always difficult to describe sounds with words. So instead of always trying to talk about how great the Atlantis sounds, we made a video that clearly demonstrates how it stacks up compared to a pair of classic studio microphone designs that have been used on countless hit records for the last 60+ years.

After hearing how's these three compare sonically, lets check out their prices :
Vintage Neumann U47 - upwards of $15,000
Vintage 251 variations - over $6,000
Lauten Audio Atlantis - just $1,499

The Atlantis is Lauten Audio's most versatile mic, it not only features the standard 3 polar patterns (Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8) and a +10dB/0/-10dB gain switch, but it also has 3 unique voicing options: Neutral, Forward, and Gentle. At the flick of a switch you can change the tonal character of the mic to best compliment your source; making the Atlantis a great go-to mic for almost every application. For more information about the Atlantis, visit Lauten Audio at

Listen to these clips on Soundcloud :