Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lauten Audio at Sweetwater

On August 30th, 2012, Lauten Audio brought Fab Dupont and Ben Lindell from to Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana to demonstrate the use of condenser microphones on drum recordings. The excerpts below are the raw tracks from Pro Tools.

There are a million ways to record drums and just as many different philosophies on the matter. Fab’s philosophy is to record drums as naturally as possible and capture just what is there. A drum kit is essentially a collection of many different instruments, so the tricky thing is to give each one the presence needed for modern recordings. Drums represent a lot of information to capture, with a wide frequency response form 20Hz-20kHz and extremely large dynamics: the peak of a snare hit can easily be more than 20dB louder thank its resonance.

We did an incremental demonstration, adding microphones one after the other, in order to show the importance of each microphone.

People often purchase Lauten microphones as their “Great” vocal mic.  What we hope to illustrate here is that your “Great” vocal mic can easily help you improve your drum recordings.

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