Monday, November 23, 2009

San Francisco Lauten Audio Listening Event

Last Wednesday we hosted our second Lauten Audio listening party of the month with cosponsor Cutting Edge Audio and the tremendous help of Matt Boudreau, owner of the magic Broken Radio studios. Trust me, there is nothing "broken" about them.

Matt McGlynn over at summed up our events perfectly. "We all read about new microphones all the time — especially those of you who hang around this website! — but we don’t very often get a chance to hear them....
Lauten Audio is working to patch this disconnect, by hosting a series of listening parties around California. These events provide an opportunity to hear Lauten’s mics on real artists, through great signal chains, over great monitors, in treated control rooms."

Our event on Wednesday featured the new up and coming recording artist Chi McClean ( Chi performed brilliantly at the event as we all nit-picked about mic placement, guitar and amplifier tone etc etc. What else would you expected from a bunch of timbre huggers? Joke, get it? One thing was for certain, we all gave praise regarding the tone of Chi's voice. He was clearly born and blessed with a fantastic voice. I see sold out College campus shows and famous theaters in his future. Did I mention I'm not a fan of indoor stadiums?

For a fantastic write up on this event click the following link to I couldn't write it up better myself, so why try.

Photo at top courtesty of

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cutting Edge Audio and Video Group | 290 Division Street, Suite 103 | San Francisco | CA | 94103 |
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Don't Miss This Event! Microphone Clinic Featuring Lauten Audio - Wed, Nov 18th

An Interactive Microphone Clinic at Historic Bay Area Studio!
Date: Wednesday, November 18th.
Refreshments at 6PM, Demo at 7PM

Location: Broken Radio
1340 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103
Click Here For Directions

Cutting Edge Microphone Clinic


Lauten Audio microphones continue to carve out a niche for recordists seeking microphones with an original, sound-empowering passion. The company added to their award-winning Horizon tube microphone in October 2008 and began shipping three new studio microphones. Their Oceanus and Torch microphones were recently added to the "Best of" list of upper-class microphones by the Germany-based Professional Audio Musik & Equipment magazine. All of Lauten Audio's microphones have garnered exceptional reviews from both end-users and magazines around the world. Come hear for yourself.


One of the most historic Bay Area recording studios is here in San Francsico.
It was originally built in 1969 by Mercury Records and later redesigned and run by the famous engineer, producer and businessman Bill Putnam as Coast Recorders for many years. 1340 Mission has been known under a small variety of names since 1969 including Mercury, Coast, Toast then back to Coast. In June of 2007 producer, engineer Matt Boudreau took over the recording space at 1340 Mission to start a new history under the name Broken Radio. This is a rare opportunity to hear the latest from Lauten microphones in one of the most venerable Bay Area studios.

Cutting Edge Microphone Clinic

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gearslutz - Lauten - Bricasti - Summit Listening Party

For complete details visit this link to

Party being hosted by James Lugo & David Bryce
Saturday November 14th @ 7pm
6381 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 700
LA, CA 90028
818 259 0190
(Corner of Hollywood and Caheunga)
(Press #700 at the door for entry)

It's gonna be a fun night of food, drinks and audio.

Arrangements have been made for all the Lauten mics, a Bricasti M7 and M10 remote, a Summit Everest, TPA200B pre and probably a DCL200 comp to be there, too.

RSVP on this GearSlutz thread.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Nevada-based Summit Audio becomes the exclusive U.S. distributor for Lauten Audio

San Jose, CA, August, 6th, 2009 – Lauten Audio has announced a new value-added distribution agreement with Nevada-based Summit Audio Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Summit Audio Inc will serve as the exclusive value-added distributor in the United States.

For the past three years, Summit Audio has served as the exclusive U.S. sales representative for Lauten Audio, and the move to a full value-added distributorship solidifies the successful partnership. “Working closely with Summit these past three years has been a very rewarding experience. Summit has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience as we brought our microphones to market,” says Brian Loudenslager, Founder of Lauten Audio. “Expanding the partnership will help Lauten focus on research, engineering and new product development, such as our new pressure gradient capsules,” adds Mr. Loudenslager.

Founded in 1979, Summit Audio Inc is well known for their high-end outboard studio gear. In recent years, Summit has expanded its business, adding distribution, representation and custom design services focusing on the professional audio industry. In addition to distributing Lauten Audio, they also distribute the highly acclaimed Bricasti reverb products and are involved in a handful of confidential projects. “It is relationships like this one that has inspired us to serve the United States with quality products that compliment our own. A partnership such as the one we now share with Lauten helps us hold ourselves to a higher standard, and provides us with invaluable insight into our mutual customers’ needs and wants. On a simpler note, it gives us the opportunity to be in front of our customers more often, but still with very relevant quality products.” says, Erik Papp President of Summit Audio Inc. To help manage their growth, Summit recently hired industry veteran and former Adam Audio US CEO Dave Bryce to lead brand development efforts and help expand U.S. market share.

Lauten Audio microphones continue to carve out a niche for recordists seeking microphones with an original sound. The company added to their award-winning Horizon tube microphone and began shipping three new studio microphones in October 2008. Their Oceanus and Torch microphones were recently added to the “Best of" list of upper-class microphones by the Germany-based Professional Audio Musik & Equipment magazine. All of Lauten Audio's microphones have garnered exceptional reviews from both end-users and magazines around the world.

Summit Audio Inc is located in Gardnerville, NV. For more information on Summit Audio please visit

Lauten Audio is located in San Jose, CA. For more information on Lauten Audio please visit

Monday, July 27, 2009

STOLEN GEAR - Columbus, Oh

It is a real shame when something like this happens. We are passing along a message from good friends whose tour van was broken into over the weekend. If you know anything or hear anything please use the contact info at the end of this post. If you live in this area please spread the word to your local pawn and music stores.

The Randy Kohrs Band has suffered a devastating loss when the band van was broken into and nearly everything stolen out of it this weekend following a performance at the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer festival near Columbus, OH. It was stolen out of the Sleep Inn parking lot in Obetz, OH between 3:30am and 5:00am, estimated.

Here is the current list of missing items:

Scheerhorn L-Body Resonator guitar #547

Amistar Randy Kohrs Model tricone resonator

Meredith all blonde, tongue-oiled maple resonator guitar

Mike Long D-18 style acoustic guitar

*All guitars had fishman pick-ups

Custom Cedar Creek Case for the Meredith – black alligator, inside is purple, has “Custom Built for Randy Kohrs” plate

Two white Calton Cases with Randy’s name on them, both had red interiors

Cedar Creek case for the acoustic Mike Long Guitar

Forrest Craig (Texas-based luthier) Violin with L.R. Baggs pickup

Strad copy violin, roughly 1880’s, the tag inside not exactly accurate. Pictures can be seen on our website/pages.

A double violin case, the attached strap doesn’t match – it’s maroon and gray with gold hardware.

Upright acoustic King Bass, white with black trim, red tailpiece, rare

2 Warwick 2 10” speaker cabinets

Silver waterproof helicopter case with cables and a Shure wireless system

3 Stage Ninja brand quarter inch cables

Fishman Dreadnought Aura, Fishman resophonic Aura, Fishman Reverb, Fishman Chorus, Fishman Delay, Boosta Grande Boost pedal, 2 Radial DI’s, Radial Tone Bone Pre-Amp, Hilton Optical volume pedal, 2 Peterson Strobe Stomp Tuners (one had Ashley B. written on the front of it in black marker)

Tool Kit with extra cords and assorted tools.

We don’t want to discourage the thieves from attempting to sell anything as we’d love for them to be caught ASAP – the last thing we want is for the thieves to just throw them in a dumpster or ditch, never to be found. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you see fit. Please contact me if any of this is seen or you have any questions!

Ashley Brown
Publicity/Booking - Rand Kohrs Band
2322 Foster Ave.
Nashville, TN 37210
Phone: 615-418-9636

Lauten Audio
4960 Almaden Expwy., #228
San Jose, CA 95118

Friday, July 17, 2009


Switzerland-based company will distribute full-line of Lauten Audio microphones

San Jose, CA, July, 16th, 2009 – Lauten Audio has announced a new distribution agreement with Switzerland-based Sound and Music, GmbH. Under the terms of the agreement, Sound and Music, GmbH will serve as the sole distributor in Switzerland and Lichtenstein for the San Jose, California-based company’s entire microphone line.

Founded by veteran musician Alfred Kamaun in 1995, Sound and Music, GmbH is a distributor and reseller of professional audio gear in Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein. "We’ve been seeking to distribute Lauten Audio for almost one year now,” says Mr. Kamaun. “We were very pleased to finalize our agreement at this year's Musikmesse show in Frankfurt. The Lauten microphones are a perfect fit in our portfolio of high-end professional audio products and have absolutely accurate pricing."

Lauten Audio added to its award-winning Horizon tube microphone when it began shipping three new studio microphones in October of 2008. The company continues to carve out a niche for recordists seeking an original sound; all their microphones have garnered exceptional reviews from both end-users and magazines around the world.

“This new partnership is another step in our strategic approach to grow carefully and successfully as a high-end microphone brand,” says Brian Loudenslager, Founder of Lauten Audio. “Adding Sound and Music, GmbH as our distributor in this region helps strengthen our brand image and message. Mr. Kamaun shows great enthusiasm and understands our brand essence. We’re very excited to begin this partnership.”

Mr. Kamaun has been both a live and studio musician in the region for 29 years. "Switzerland needs brands like Lauten Audio that offer amazing sound and high-quality boutique production standards at exceptional prices,” adds Mr. Kamaun.

Sound and Music GmbH is located in Staad, Switzerland. For more information visit

Lauten Audio is located in San Jose, CA. For more information on Lauten Audio please visit

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oceanus and Torch Microphones get BEST OF LIST

Professional Audio & Musik Equipment Magazine in Germany have added the Lauten Audio Oceanus and Torch Stereo Pair to their Best of List for Upper Class microphones.

You may also read Von Harald Wittig's review of these two microphones now available at

Friday, July 03, 2009

Horizon and Torch Sound & Recording Review

Better late than never I suppose. A review of the Horizon and Torch microphones was published in the May issue of Sound and Recording Magazine.

I had a chance to meet Andreas Hau (the reviewer) in Frankfurt this year. Very nice guy, but it was clear he is no slouch when it comes to microphones and that he has a very critical approach. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from Analog Audio (our distributor in Germany) saying the review was in and that Andreas was very impressed. Peter at Analog Audio said "He loves the omni capsule, he loves the Horizon. No off-the- shelf mics, unique and outstanding, he says".

This is the first review of the Torches. So, if you have been interested in them and curious what a very critcal mind had to say, check out this review.

Side note, we'll get this translated to english soon.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Check out the first Japanese Lauten Audio Horizon tube microphone review in the July, 2009 issue of Sound & Recording Magazine.

Earlier this year Media Integration Inc., began distributing Lauten Audio microphones in Japan. They are hard at work promoting the brand, scheduling demo sessions and spreading the word. Pick up the July issue of Sound & Recording magazine to read the review.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Industry veteran Andy Waterman chose Clarions after months of research and product demos

Los Angeles, CA (May 28, 2009) – Industry veteran Andy Waterman recently acquired a pair of Lauten Audio Clarion microphones for Umbrella Media Inc studios. After an extensive search for the right pair of microphones to meet his niche requirements within the Production and Recording studio industry, Waterman chose the Clarions for their unique characteristics.

“I have been a working music producer, mixer, recording engineer and musician for over 30 years. I feel like I’ve used literally every microphone ever made at some time or another in studios all over the world,” says Waterman, owner of Umbrella Media Inc. Waterman spent several months auditioning and demoing various microphones in search of the perfect addition to his multi-room facility. “Of course, I have immense respect for the masters of microphone technology of earlier eras, but Lauten Audio’s products are perfecting this legacy and refining the art form in significant ways."

Lauten Audio began shipping the Clarions in October of 2008. “When we first started the sound design on the Clarion I felt it was our biggest challenge. We wanted to create a unique sounding microphone that went against the current trend of FET large diaphragm condenser microphones,” says Brian Loudenslager, founder of Lauten Audio. “The Clarion features unique characteristics like a +10dB gain switch in addition to a -10dB Pad, a uniquely tuned frequency response and even its own custom-designed windscreen that can be used in place of a pop-filter."

“We specialize in music production and scoring including acoustic music, jazz, orchestral recording and vocal ensembles,” says Waterman. Waterman described how he recently used the mics on a very quiet ethnic music scoring session where the Clarion’s unique +10 gain option really brought a collection of Southeast Asian wooden percussion instruments to life.

“There is nothing out there that sounds like a Clarion, and it’s really rewarding to hear feedback from professionals like Andy Waterman who truly understand what we are doing,” says Loudenslager. “Andy and Umbrella Media have carved a niche within the industry, and Lauten Audio is doing the same. We are both offering something unique that no one else can touch.”

“The Clarion is clear and spectrally balanced with nice hi-end sheen and has spectacular low self noise. One additional attribute I really appreciate is the mic does not add sibilance to women singers which is really important in my work. Lauten is a brand that will win many converts in the future,” adds Waterman.

For more information on Umbrella Media, Inc. visit

For more information on Lauten Audio please visit

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mix Review of the Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381 Tube Condenser

Mini Review: Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381 Tube Condenser

Great Sounding Dual Valve Mic with Nine Polar Patterns

Lauten Audio's Oceanus tube condenser microphone makes an immediate bold statement by virtue of its hefty size (3.5x7.5x3.6-inches; 5 pounds), innovative design and great sound. Oceanus uses two tubes—a military/scientific grade pentode NOS 6J1 (6AK5W) wired as a triode for the capsule amp and a 12AU7 (dual) triode output stage. The mic's internal construction is good: a circuit board is hand-wired to two tubes encased, side by side, in an aluminum heat sink that makes up the back half of the mic's body. Read more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Voice Over Samples Update

We added Greg Phelps voice samples using our Oceanus, Clarion and Horizon microphones through the new Benchmark MPA1 preamplifier.

Just another flavor of empowering goodness for you to hear. Don't forget you can also hear these mics through the Summit Audio 2ba-221 and their very exciting new ECS-410 Everest, as well as the Great River ME-1NV

Each of the microphone and preamp combinations offer a very different sonic palette.


Follow this link to the Lauten Sessions

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Lauten Audio, a high-end microphone maker, has announced a new distribution agreement with Japan-based Media Integration, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Media Integration, Inc. will serve as the sole distributor in Japan for the Santa Clara, California-based company’s entire microphone line.

“We focus on establishing a brand name for our products and not just selling," adds Mr. Tamura. "We are really excited about the potential that Lauten mics have in Japan. With Lauten Audio microphones, you can have material as fresh as Japanese Sashimi (raw seafood)!”

Read more in Lauten Audio's news section...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a Difference a Mic Makes!

After months of research and comparisons, which microphones do you think Andy Waterman chose to record songs that reach 3,000,000 listeners?

Find out at the Umbrella Media blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

German Magazine Gives Oceanus and Clarion all Positives!

The first reviews of the Oceanus and Clarion are in. Who better to be the first to judge these new microphones than those whom all microphones are measured. We know what we think, but what did Martin Person of Keys Magazine in Germany have to say?

Head on over to or pick up the May, 2009 issue to read their opinion of our new mics. So what’s the downside? For now, you’ll have to read German.

It’s a great review.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Vocal Samples at Lauten Audio

We have added three new songs to our "Lauten Sessions" that offer vocal samples of our Oceanus and the Horizon microphones.

These clips feature two songs using the Horizon on Chris McIntyre's lead vocals and the Oceanus on lead vocals for Amalea Lutsenko's song "Ragdoll".

These sound samples were recorded, mixed and mastered at the Grande Prairie Regional College. All songs mixed and mastered by Chris McIntyre. Individual artists are credited on the sessions page.

We would like to give thanks to everyone from Grande Prairie Regional College who helped with the recordings.

So, head on over to and give them a listen! You can find these new clips under the "Vocals in the mix" heading in the "Lauten Sessions" section of our website.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Future Music gives Horizon Platinum Award

News from The Audio Professionals (U.K. distributor) this morning.

Future Music Magazine has given the Horizon tube microphone the “Platinum Award” which is their highest award!

Make sure you pick up the May edition of Future Music magazine and read Jono Buchanan's review of the Horizon tube microphone.

Here's a couple quotes for you.

"Here’s a sound you can build the rest of your mix around..."

"...doesn’t need to be propped up either by a preamp or by a ‘fix it’ chain..."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lauten Audio at Musikmesse Hall 5.1, Walkway D, Stand 50.

We are off to Musikmesse ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany next week.

If you are attending the show, please be certain to stop by and visit Lauten Audio in Hall 5.1, Walkway D, Stand 50. We are in the Analog Audio, GmbH booth in the exhibitor directory.

We will have our full-line of Lauten Audio studio microphones on display.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hollywood, CA (February 23, 2009) –Veteran drummer and studio owner Mark Zonder is loading up on Lauten Audio microphones.

Zonder is an industry veteran with album credits dating back to the early 1980s L.A. metal scene. He is the owner of the famous "Bill's Place" recording and rehearsal studio in North Hollywood, which remains the launching place of many top artists and bands. He first earned a name for himself in the band Warlord, which some metal veterans refer to as legendary and far ahead of its time. He later joined Fates Warning, considered one of the most influential contributors to the progressive metal genre. Zonder spent almost 15 years with Fates Warning before departing to start his own band Slavior in 2006. He contributed to numerous side projects including Kevin Moore, Chroma Key, Jim Matheos solo project Away with Words, solo album of Joacim Cans from Hammerfall, and a reunion with Warlord, among others. In 2007 Zonder released a new full length album on the Inside Out Music label for his band Slavior.

"I was first introduced to Lauten microphones by the guys over at Summit Audio. Having loved their gear for many years I asked if they could recommend a few microphones, unaware they were representing Lauten microphones. So, they sent down a couple Horizons. They sounded amazing on my drums as overheads and room mics." Since then Zonder has added two sets of Torches and an Oceanus as a vocal mic. "I really dig the small diaphragm Torches, and the ability to use tube mics on my drums is amazing," Zonder added. "After a couple positioning tips from Lauten, my toms sound huge! For a large portion of my drum sound, I have officially switched from some really big names to the 'Lauten sound;' this company is really making some special mics."

In recent months Zonder has been holding a large number of drum clinics throughout California at musical instrument dealers as well as at the Musicians Institute. "I am really lucky to have been able to stay in the industry all this time," Zonder says of his 30-plus-year career behind a drum kit. "Getting the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and skills to a new generation is really an honor."

Something unusual is the fact that Zonder has been taking his Lauten microphones on the road with him for these clinics. "I called Lauten and spoke to Brian Loudenslager about the mics' ability to handle the road; he said it's not the first time he's heard of someone taking them out. He said as long as I can deal with the power supplies the Torches and Horizons should do fine but recommended keeping the Oceanus in my studio." You can check the news section of Zonder's website at for upcoming clinic dates in Los Angeles and San Diego where you can see him and the Lauten microphones in action.

Mark Zonder
The most up-to-date drum clinic dates are available on Zonders myspace:

Lauten Audio

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Lauten Oceanus gets a few seconds

We were just informed today that the Oceanus was mentioned in a short video featuring Scott Weiland and Doug Grean where they talk about "Happy in Galoshes", Scott Weiland's new solo album. The "mention" happens about 2 minutes 30 seconds in. For those of you that aren't aware, the Oceanus was used for Scott's vocals on a number of the recordings for this album.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Front Page at Cutting Edge Audio & Video Group

I big shout out to Cutting Edge Audio & Video Group for getting us a beautiful front page spot on their website!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lauten Audio at NAMM Hall-A, booth# 6953

It’s The NAMM Show time of year!

Come see Lauten Audio microphones at The 2009 NAMM show. We are in Hall-A, booth# 6953 listed under Summit Audio Inc. in the exhibitor directory. We moved a few doors down from where we were last year and we are in high spirits. The last two quarters of 2008 were very good to Lauten Audio and we look forward to an excellent 2009.

As usual we are sharing a booth with Summit Audio and Bricasti Design.


Nashville, TN (January 12, 2009) – Three-time Grammy winning engineer Mark Capps added two pair of Lauten Audio microphones to his arsenal.

Capps grew up hanging around Nashville recording studios and backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. He comes from a now rare breed of engineers that got their start in a tape room making dupes. Capps played in Rock-N-Roll bands in his early years, but quickly realized that his true passion was on the other side of the glass. Capps has now spent more than twenty years as a freelance recording engineer in Nashville and has worked with more top talents than many see in a lifetime.

"I was first introduced to the Horizon tube mic through friends of mine in Nashville," says Capps, who now owns a pair of Horizons as well as a pair of the new Torch ST-221s. "On my session last week I used the Horizons on a Hammond B-3 Leslie Cabinet. I was totally blown away. They took the level great with the 20dB pad and they took the 'chirp' out and made it sound so smooth."

On most days you will find Capps at the Soundshop Studios where he uses his Lauten Audio microphones. After a recent cello session at the Soundshop Studios, Capps observed: "On the cello, I used both a Horizon and a Torch, with the Horizon in front of the F-hole eight to ten inches back and the Torch on the bridge, same distance but with the omni-directional capsule. The cello had detail for days. The producer and the cellist both commented on how great the mics sounded."

Capps has won Grammys for Engineering in 2005, 2006 and 2007, a Marlin award in 2006 and engineered numerous multi-platinum records.

Lauten Audio

Mark Capps

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Voice Acting Demos Starring Greg Phelps - Round-1

Lauten Audio is pleased to announce Round-1 of our Voice Acting demos featuring the incredible voice of Greg Phelps (

On these demos you can hear the Oceanus, Clarion and Horizon microphones through the Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest and 2BA-221 as well as the Great River ME-1NV. Coming soon the Benchmark - MPA1 and others...

All of these recordings are free of compression and processing. You are hearing Greg’s voice through the microphone and the preamp only, no eq, compression or processing.

The Voice Acting demos as well as many other demos are available under the "Lauten Sessions" section of the website.