Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Impressed with the Horizon Tube Microphone

Below is an actual email from a recent Horizon tube microphone user.

"I just wanted to share how impressed I am with your Horizon mic. I had a client who was looking for a mic for his personal studio and having a fairly extensive collection he came along and we borrowed a few others from other studios including a Horizon from Aki at Eastern Acoustics.

After whittling it down to 3 possibles from 10 in all cases in a blind test the Horizon rose to the top beating out mics 5 times the price, needless to say my client took it from Aki.

While I don't own my own one it has jumped onto my priority list as it fills a void in my collection and offers another “tube” flavor. Kudos for bringing a great product to market.

Regards, Matt "

Thanks for the kind words Matt! We appreciate you taking the time to send us an email and for allowing us to let others know what you thought of the Horizon Tube Microphone.

Matt Allison is a musician located in South Africa. You may visit his website at http://www.matt-allison.com/

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Feedback from afar – Horizon on Voice Over and Spoken word

I received an email recently from David Teren of Sonic Junction in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa. David purchased a Horizon from Eastern Acoustics in Cape Town, South Africa and had some nice things to say about it.

David says “We often record dialogue and are more than surprised at what the Horizon delivers in this area. Sometimes you need to listen to hear the difference. But with Horizon you just hear it.”

Thanks David, we appreciate your feedback! If you are ever in need of recording services in Africa be sure to look up David Teren Productions.

David Teren Productions
3 Von Heydebreck Street
Pioneers Park


And of course if your in Africa be sure to contact Eastern Acoustics to get your Horizon and all future Lauten Audio products.

Eastern Acoustics Pro Audio
4 Hastings Road
Wynberg 7800
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: (+27) 21-7979-540
Fax: (+27) 21-7623-614
e-mail: goeast@netactive.co.za

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lauten Audio Horizon Now Available at Sam Ash

We are very excited to report that the Horizon Tube Microphone is now available through Sam Ash music stores! Buy online or stop by your local Sam Ash to inquire about the Horizon Tube Microphone.

Click here to locate a dealer online or click here to go directly to the Lauten Audio Horizon product page.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Horizon Tube Microphone at Slack Key Studio

We wanted to report on recent end user activity with the Horizon tube microphone. Slack Key Studio and its Owner/Operator Randy Kohrs (pictured right) recently acquired a Horizon and have been putting it through its paces.

Randy sent some pictures and tells us they have been using it on everything from Acoustic guitar, vocals, dobro and fiddle. Randy says " The Horizon is getting great reviews from everyone who uses it! ". Thanks Randy and we appreciate you giving it a shot and discovering the many great uses for the Horizon.

Some of Slack Key Studio's recent clients who used the Horizon on their sessions include; Jim Lauderdale (pictured left) for vocals on his upcoming bluegrass CD.

Shawn Camp, (pictured right) on acoustic guitar who co-wrote a song on Jim's CD. Shawn has had songs recorded by everyone from Garth Brooks to Josh Turners "Would you go with me".

Aaron Till (pictured left) used the Horizon on a fiddle.

Larry Cordle (pictured below right) used the Horizon on vocals for several demo sessions and as Randy said "Loves it".

In addition Michelle Poe (pictured below left) and Edgar Loudermilk (pictured below right) both used the Horizon for vocals.

We always appreciate it when end users send us their feedback and even better their photos and sound clips. The reason we make microphones is to help each and every artist achieve the sound they are looking for. Please be sure and follow the links for all the artists above and of course, buy their Cd's!