Friday, March 29, 2013

RME Sessions @ AIR Studios

AIR Studios London - RME Sessions with Lauten Audio

The RME Sessions rewards one lucky unsigned band with a day of studio time at AIR Studios in London along with producer Tony Newton to record a song. This past November, Nick and the Sun Machine came to the studio and recorded their song "Mountain".

Lauten Audio microphones were selected to be used on a majority of the sources that day.

On Lead Vocals was a Lauten Atlantis FC-387, after auditioning the different voicing options they settled on the Neutral setting.

To capture the Acoustic Guitar, the Horizon was chosen. A pair of Horizons were also used as drum overheads.

Check out the Atlantis listening over the drummer's shoulder.

Watch the video for "Mountain"

A behind the scenes look the both the recording and contest:

For more pictures from the RME Sessions at AIR Studios click here.

Want to learn more about Lauten Audio microphones, head over to

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