Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Continuing our sound samples from the Chi McClean session at Broken Radio studios in San Francisco we now present Acoustic Guitars. For this session we recorded a Taylor 814ce and a Gibson J45. These two guitars have very different tonal qualities. The Taylor had newer elixir strings and the Gibson had strings of an unkown age, but didn't seem too old.

For these samples we used the Summit Audio 2ba221's and ECS-410 Everest, Brent Avril Neve 1272's and Universal Audio 710s. All of the Lauten Audio microphones were used including our Torch ST-221's in X/Y stereo.

The sound sample starts off with finger picking and then Chi picks up a pick (is that too many picks in one sentence?) for the strumming.

The files are in 24bit/96k and again no compression or EQ was utilized. These files are quite large and we recommend downloading them to your local harddrive prior to listening.

You can access these sound samples in our Lauten Session page here.

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Chi McClean said...

Sounds good, you guys!