Monday, November 23, 2009

San Francisco Lauten Audio Listening Event

Last Wednesday we hosted our second Lauten Audio listening party of the month with cosponsor Cutting Edge Audio and the tremendous help of Matt Boudreau, owner of the magic Broken Radio studios. Trust me, there is nothing "broken" about them.

Matt McGlynn over at summed up our events perfectly. "We all read about new microphones all the time — especially those of you who hang around this website! — but we don’t very often get a chance to hear them....
Lauten Audio is working to patch this disconnect, by hosting a series of listening parties around California. These events provide an opportunity to hear Lauten’s mics on real artists, through great signal chains, over great monitors, in treated control rooms."

Our event on Wednesday featured the new up and coming recording artist Chi McClean ( Chi performed brilliantly at the event as we all nit-picked about mic placement, guitar and amplifier tone etc etc. What else would you expected from a bunch of timbre huggers? Joke, get it? One thing was for certain, we all gave praise regarding the tone of Chi's voice. He was clearly born and blessed with a fantastic voice. I see sold out College campus shows and famous theaters in his future. Did I mention I'm not a fan of indoor stadiums?

For a fantastic write up on this event click the following link to I couldn't write it up better myself, so why try.

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