Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mix Review of the Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381 Tube Condenser

Mini Review: Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381 Tube Condenser

Great Sounding Dual Valve Mic with Nine Polar Patterns

Lauten Audio's Oceanus tube condenser microphone makes an immediate bold statement by virtue of its hefty size (3.5x7.5x3.6-inches; 5 pounds), innovative design and great sound. Oceanus uses two tubes—a military/scientific grade pentode NOS 6J1 (6AK5W) wired as a triode for the capsule amp and a 12AU7 (dual) triode output stage. The mic's internal construction is good: a circuit board is hand-wired to two tubes encased, side by side, in an aluminum heat sink that makes up the back half of the mic's body. Read more.

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