Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everest - Ghost Notes

We would like to shine some light on Everest’s first full-length release “Ghost Notes” on Vapor records.

Produced by Lauten Audio sound designer Mike Terry (Eagles, Foo Fighters and more…) and featuring former members of Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion, Earlimart, Mike Stinson, Slydell, John Vanderslice, and The Watson Twins. Ghost Notes is a great sounding, well recorded album full of musical talent.

The record was recorded at New Monkey studios using some of the most sought after vintage equipment around. Check out New Monkey studios here . In addition to the plethora of microphone choices, the Lauten Audio Horizon tube microphone can be heard on everything from guitars, to piano and drums.

Everest has received rave reviews from a number of publications and is highly praised by Neil Young. Ghost Notes is currently available on CD with a vinyl LP to follow later this month, yes that’s right vinyl! If you like great sounding warm tone and an engaging musical journey, then check out Ghost Notes from Everest.

Everest –
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