Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Impressed with the Horizon Tube Microphone

Below is an actual email from a recent Horizon tube microphone user.

"I just wanted to share how impressed I am with your Horizon mic. I had a client who was looking for a mic for his personal studio and having a fairly extensive collection he came along and we borrowed a few others from other studios including a Horizon from Aki at Eastern Acoustics.

After whittling it down to 3 possibles from 10 in all cases in a blind test the Horizon rose to the top beating out mics 5 times the price, needless to say my client took it from Aki.

While I don't own my own one it has jumped onto my priority list as it fills a void in my collection and offers another “tube” flavor. Kudos for bringing a great product to market.

Regards, Matt "

Thanks for the kind words Matt! We appreciate you taking the time to send us an email and for allowing us to let others know what you thought of the Horizon Tube Microphone.

Matt Allison is a musician located in South Africa. You may visit his website at http://www.matt-allison.com/

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