Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Phone Call from Robert Jason, Songwriter Producer

We get many phone calls here at Lauten Audio and often times people call just to say how much they love our microphones. Robert Jason was one of those callers.

Randy Kohrs, a long time advocate of our microphones had recommended that Robert try our Clarion FC-357. Robert has been in the industry a long time now and worked with Alabama, Reba McEntire, Barry White, Fox Brothers, Randy Kohrs, ABC, NBC, MTV and New Line Cinema just to name a few. See his full credit list at www.robertjason.com. Robert talked in length while he was driving home with the occasional interruption of police or fire sirens. By they we recommend hands free devices in the car :-). Robert mentioned other mics he had used and where the Clarion FC-357 was excelling.

We love these conversations and it's one of the reasons why we love what we do. At the end of the conversation I asked if he could send us an email with a brief summary of his thoughts on the Clarion. We have provided his quote verbatim below.

"While I can say the Lauten FC357 did a very fine job handling male vocals, it was a session with a female artist that just made my day. Generally, female vocalists can be a bit more challenging to record than male, but the Lauten handled everything she could dish out, all with a smooth, linear, musical result. Who she is is what I got. The low notes of the melody cut through rich and warm, with no proximity effect whatsoever. Despite this microphone's truly modest price of $699 (MSRP) there is NO doubt the Lauten FC-357 mic SOUNDS expensive!"

Robert Jason, Songwriter Producer

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