Thursday, January 07, 2010

Mitch Phillips - Voice artist on the Lauten Clarion

Mitch Phillips serves the voiceover needs of clients around the world from his custom built ISDN voice studio in beautiful Coral Springs, Florida. Here's the unedited version of what Mitch had to say about his Lauten Audio Clarion microphone.

"I like the core sound of the mic more than many I have tried. By core I mean that the Clarion seems to sound consistantly good on my voice no matter what preamp or settings I use. I like not having to play with settings all day. The Clarion allows me to pretty much plug and play and talk.

In my over 20 years of voice work, few mics really match up well with my voice (again - my ears). I like a certain throat and chest element along with some air and the Clarion does that for me without over emphasizing the upper range like most mics (in this price point do).

Good work. I am impressed! "

In addition to being a voice artist, Mitch recently launched his own radio show Mitch Phillips Live!

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