Friday, June 01, 2007

Horizon Tube Microphone at Slack Key Studio

We wanted to report on recent end user activity with the Horizon tube microphone. Slack Key Studio and its Owner/Operator Randy Kohrs (pictured right) recently acquired a Horizon and have been putting it through its paces.

Randy sent some pictures and tells us they have been using it on everything from Acoustic guitar, vocals, dobro and fiddle. Randy says " The Horizon is getting great reviews from everyone who uses it! ". Thanks Randy and we appreciate you giving it a shot and discovering the many great uses for the Horizon.

Some of Slack Key Studio's recent clients who used the Horizon on their sessions include; Jim Lauderdale (pictured left) for vocals on his upcoming bluegrass CD.

Shawn Camp, (pictured right) on acoustic guitar who co-wrote a song on Jim's CD. Shawn has had songs recorded by everyone from Garth Brooks to Josh Turners "Would you go with me".

Aaron Till (pictured left) used the Horizon on a fiddle.

Larry Cordle (pictured below right) used the Horizon on vocals for several demo sessions and as Randy said "Loves it".

In addition Michelle Poe (pictured below left) and Edgar Loudermilk (pictured below right) both used the Horizon for vocals.

We always appreciate it when end users send us their feedback and even better their photos and sound clips. The reason we make microphones is to help each and every artist achieve the sound they are looking for. Please be sure and follow the links for all the artists above and of course, buy their Cd's!

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